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In the course of his career José has played a contributing role in the development of new instruments and equipment. The following instruments are a result of the intense and outstanding collaboration between José and his current endorser companies:

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- caiXoN und caiXoNet -
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The caiXoN and caiXoNet from MEINL VivaRhythm® bring the playing surface of a cajon up closer towards seated players to achieve a comfortable, upright playing position. The traditional sounds of a snare cajon are represented in both models, the caiXoN brings out a deep bass and the caiXoNet produces higher tones. Perfect for players that wish to remain seated upright. The set is stackable for easy storage and transportation.
- Tri Tone Cajon -
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Snare cajon sounds, along with bongo cajon and traditional Peruvian style cajon, are all represented in the MEINL VivaRhythm® Tri Tone Cajon. Each playing surface is defined by a different sound option to give players the ultimate cajon experience. A multitude of rhythms and styles are possible by being able to switch seamlessly between surfaces as you play.
- Artist Series Universal Triangle (José J. Cortijo)

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The Universal Triangle is forged from one single piece of steel with a special texture for rasping effects.
- Crystal Shaker (Soft & Loud) -

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The acrylic glass body makes the Crystal Shaker completely see through. Available in soft (white plastic beads) and loud (black plastic beads), these shakers provide players with a medium pitch sound that will help shape any groove with clarity and feel. Useful for live and studio situations with mid-range volume.
- Projection Shaker -
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Designed for comfort and volume, the MEINL Projection Shaker produces excellent high pitched tones with ample volume. Its thin anodized aluminum body gives it a shimmering, cutting pitch and fits great in your hand. Exceptional for live playing.
- Tampeiro -
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An original instrument from MEINL, the Tampeiro has three pairs of steel jingles on a wooden tamborim frame to create an exciting new sound. A traditional sharp cutting tamborim with a bright metallic accent! It may also be played using pandeiro techniques, for lighter accompaniment.

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- Timbale Sticks (José J. Cortijo Signatur) -
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Timbales sticks, as opposed to drum sticks, are traditionally uniform in diameter and have no head on the tip. As a result, a less than optimal balance is achieved, often at the cost of an ideal ride-cymbal sound. José, together with ROHEMA, has developed a special timbales stick, which shares the “good” characteristics of a drumstick, without distorting the sound of the cowbells, cascara or timbales drumhead. This stick can also be a good option for musicians who play the timbales and drums at the same time.
- Cowbell Beater (José J. Cortijo Signatur) -
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This stick was developed by José for use with the handheld cowbell. Its form and optimal balance make this beater ideal for one-handed play on the cowbell.
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